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Global Education & Skill Summit echos with this thought and bring various stakeholders to share their experiences and ideas which in turn assist the related community to learn, aware and introspect on the various aspects of education & skill development programme and how to turn ideas into reality. Global collaboration builds cultural understanding, communication skills, and knowledge and awareness of the wider world.

In order to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world, young people need to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to engage in lifelong, cross-cultural learning and collaboration. More than ever, young people need the 21st century skills for global competency, digital literacy, critical thinking and global collaboration among international peers.  Education systems need to ensure they are giving people vital skills and knowledge. There is also an urgent need for education systems to impart higher skills aligned with the demands of growing economies, where many jobs are being automated and skill sets are changing fast. Governments to start taking inequalities in education seriously, tracking them by collecting information directly from each and every part of country. Our schools, universities and lifelong learning programmes to focus on economic, environmental and social perspectives that help nurture empowered, critical, mindful and competent citizens. 

Why To Participate / Nominate for Award ?

​For many professionals/educational institutions/organisations, the reason their work doesn’t speak for itself is because of their tendency to keep their heads down and quietly perform their roles. They do great work but, because they fly under the radar, they remain a well-kept secret.

​Your work can speak for itself, if you have enough overall visibility. When you’re well connected to others throughout the society, you don’t have to promote your value or introduce about your work every time. Others can see it first-hand.

We call upon the stakeholders who are actively involved in education initiatives to come forth and join our hands to wind back the clock of changing requirements of ecosystem.


The event expects 5000+ Attendees, if not more. There will be an exclusive session for the participants keen to join into the adjoining hall of fame. You will find yourself among the decision makers from across the length and breadth of the international community.


  • Policy Makers and representatives from MHRD, UGC, CBSE, ICSE, AICTE, NSDC, NSDA, MSME, NIOS, C-DAC and Others

  • Regulatory Bodies and Professional Association Representatives

  • Representatives from Skill Development agencies, institutes and centers

  • Entrepreneurs, Edupreneurs, Private Equity Investors, Venture Capitalists

  • Corporate (MD/CEO/CTO/Head IT & Marketing), IT vendors

  • System Integrators(SIs), Value Added Resellers(VARs), Value Added Distributors (VADs)

  • International Expert

  • Key officials from Sector Skill Councils

  • Key Representatives from ITI colleges

  • Owners/MD/Chairmen/CEO/Manager/Director/Principal/Admin&IT Head/Teachers of schools 

  • Chancellor/Vice Chancellors/CEO/Registrars/Marketing&IT Head/ Academic & Admin Head/Principals/teachers of colleges & university

  • Parents & Students



  • Share the achievements, challenges and lessons learned

  • Discuss the current and future needs and issues and explore best practices in the education & skill development sector

  • Connect decision-makers, policy makers, industry experts, business leaders, to foster

  • exchange of ideas and information impacting the education & skill development sector

  • Showcase information technology applications

  • Provide more vistas of opportunity for partnership building, development reorganization and capacity enhancement for the rural stakeholders

  • Bring forth views and latest news from regulators, policy makers, service providers, content providers and Infrastructure providers

  • Look at the current situation and outline desirable future developments in the field of ICT enabled education

  • Provide integrated approach of ICT supported education

  • Bring together the entire community of education & skill development professionals and practitioners to celebrate success stories, discuss strategies and explore opportunities awaiting the education & skill development sector in India & globally.

  • Deliberate on the issues facing the movement, the journey till now, and devise new plans for the future

  • Attend enlightening sessions where you can interact with people who are playing influential role in various areas of Education and skill segment.

  • Earn a great insight into the broader governance & IT priorities of the edu leaders.

  • Build relationships through a broad system of interactions.

  • Get all your queries answered by experts.

   Agenda of 6th Global Education and Skill Summit 2020




How to nominate?


Nominees can come from the educational institutions, training institutions, any part of the concern industry and can be an individual, a team or a company. Each nomination must be submitted on a separate form. Incomplete forms may be considered ineligible for assessment.


Award criteria


INSTITUTION CATEGORY (For Schools/Higher Education/Training Institutes):


  • PPT / Video presentation of the project along with supporting documents (Supporting documents include media highlights / Profile of institution)




  • PPT / Video presentation of the project / achievements in last 3 years along with supporting documents (Supporting documents include media highlights / individual profile)


Process of Award Nomination & Selection


Step 1: Understand the eligibility criteria for each award category.

Step 2: Apply to each award category by filling the online application form.

Step 3: Submit your online application and documents can be submitted through mail on OR

Step 4. Applications will be screened by editorial team

Step 5. Final sheet of eligible entries will be prepared by editorial team and submit to evaluation team

Step 6. Evaluation team will evaluate the score as per selection process and submit to selection committee.

Step 7. Selection committee then aggregate the scores as per selection method given below to arrive at the winners for each award.

Step 8. Award winners will be announced during Recognition, Felicitation and Award Ceremony.


Award winners will be given opportunity to speak about their unique initiatives (innovations or excellent work) during summit. 


Selection of Award Winners


Selection Parameters:


  • Overall student’s Development, Academic Excellence, Pedagogical Performance, Institute Reputation, Teacher Competency, Value for Money, Effective use of digital technology


Selection Process:


After each parameter was processed, we produce a standardized score for each parameter at each educational institute. This score evaluated distance from the average using sub-parameters and allows each educational institute’s score to be compared against others in a statistically sound manner. With clean and comparable data, we then assigned weights for each parameter. The goal of the weighting process for sub parameters was to ensure that no one parameter could have a dramatic positive or negative impact on a particular educational institute’s final score and that each educational institute’s final score was a fair representation of the educational institute’s performance.  Weights were carefully determined by analyzing.  After assigning weights, an overall score was calculated for each educational institute by applying the assigned weights to each educational institute’s individual parameter scores. Similar process will be used for all award categories.


Field experts will join the evaluation team. The team have access to the entries after the closing date and they submit their scores to the selection committee independently. The committee then aggregate the scores as per above selection method to arrive at the winners for each award. The selection committee decision is final and the award does not enter into any correspondence regarding any aspect of the selection process.


Benefits of Winning Award


  • Winning awards doesn't only work towards improving morale or driving loyalty.  It also works towards positioning an organisation / person differently as a result of their work. The recipient be viewed differently in the industry and, as a result, be positioned to receive more offers.

  • Winning an award allows you to distinguish from competitors and ensure that as many potential viewers as possible are aware of your innovative or excellent work.

  • Brand recognition and free PR – Being shortlisted as an award contender gives your organization free publicity from the awards organizer as well as the other nominees and possibly even the selection committee. And if you win, the publicity is even more far-reaching and impactful.

  • Instant credibility – Winning an award opens numerous doors and gives you instant credibility with potential customers.

  • Increased morale – It almost goes without saying that winning an award provides intrinsic motivation and improved morale for those on the team. The nomination alone, which recognizes hard work and a job well done, is a celebration of the hours the team put into the project and can significantly—and positively—impact employee satisfaction and talent retention.

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