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Enhancement of ICT skills empowered youth for better employment opportunities?

Skill and knowledge are the motivating force for the financial growth and community development of any country. They have become even more critical given the increasing pace of globalization and technological changes that are taking place in the world.

India is taking rapid strides towards being a digital economy with a potential of $1 trillion in the next five to six years. However, to ensure that this shift happens smoothly, it is imperative to have a skilled manpower base that can meet the global requirements. Information and communication technologies (#ICTs) such as Internet are increasingly viewed as a vital infrastructure for all sectors. The emerging "green" economy is a "smarter" economy that has increased demand for #ICT-skilled jobs not only in the ICT sector, but more rapidly across the wider #non-ICT economy. Further, #ICT plays an important role for employability. The further creation of new jobs can only occur, if the right mix of skills and competencies are available in the #job market.

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