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Quality Education Creates Quality Students

A few basic requirements that every stake holder in education system should foucs on are - one that is meaningful, worthwhile, responsive to individuals and social needs - and ensure every student gets these requirements without fail.

The two principles that attempts to define quality in education: the first to identifies learners' cognitive development as the major explicit objective of education system. The second emphasises education's role in promoting values and attitudes of responsible citizenship and in nurturing creative and emotional development.

Quality determines how much and how well children learn and the extent to which their education translates into a range of personal, social and developmental benefits. Quality education also means to have a stimulating pedagogy. It is the teaching and learning process that brings the curriculum to life, that determines what happens in the classroom and subsequently the quality of the learning outcomes and students

Out of large percentage of graduates only a small percentage get employed. The rest are unable to get a suitable employment due to the lack of employable skills. Therefore in the present context of growing economy there's critical need of quality skill development and training. And this has to be provided on the sidelines of academics at school level.

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