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PriTab is a learning tool that has extended the access of their digital content beyond the classroom environment through an application with completely mapped curriculum for the benefit of our children. PriTab acts as a digital resource center to offer more personalized and interactive learning experience.


₹15,000.00 Regular Price
₹12,000.00Sale Price
  • PriTab is equipped with 100% mapped content with books of Prismart Smart Classroom. The content is Full HD and 3D with beautiful animations that has never been introduced before in any tablet. PriTab content is available for different levels that are divided into 3 categories combo-kit (Level 0-1), Level II and level III.  

    We are providing premium quality content that has been researched and maintained through the depth of each and every topic, developed by our professional experts. More than 6000 learning modules have been presented with the finest quality.

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