Teachers are Torch Bearers! 

Teachers are backbone of a society. A teacher serves a family, community, society and at large the nation. This has a greater requirement of well oriented and groomed teachers to maintain the fabric of the society by producing the best citizens. It can never be achieved effortlessly. It needs a lot of effort from the teacher to groom her own self as well as the thought. It needs immense self interest on the part of the teacher to constantly feel that have to grow professionally keeping the present scenario in mind to accomplish their goals. 

Teacher should be a critical thinker, a problem solver, a facilitator and should be ready to play a multifaceted role in the class room. This helps to produce both qualitative
and quantitative results. She should learn to teach, listen, comprehend, and encourage her students. The planned curriculum combined with value based education should be implemented to nurture the future generation for a holistic development. Such an education would empower the child to act responsibly. Teachers need to be dynamic and inquisitive to kindle the curiosity in the children in the process of learning. In the process of progression, the teacher-centered learning slowly has become student friendly learning.

Now, the students are surrounded by books,
computers and all other tiny and mega sized gadgets that they can handle easily and it is also flooded with resources. When you need a picture of a fruit or a heart, or a kidney go 
to Google….. Different dimensions of the same are available. These gadgets with specified software even help to store

data, music, videos and to even calculate,  

which has made students to slowly stop taking efforts of reading and to use their mental ability. All the class rooms are tech savvy and filled with supportive materials to make the class interesting. Now that students are to track down their knowledge for themselves, in spite of all facilities available, it doesn’t happen quickly.


The profession today is challenging. The teacher should be ready to ignite the minds, a love for learning, different subjects and language. A love for literature when craved by the teacher in the minds of students would be there for life-long in the minds of the young ones. The teacher has to instil modern thoughts to her students, but certainly without foregoing the culture and tradition of the society. 

The teaching learning process must be culture based and very much ahead of the

times in thinking, so that children can bring in renovation of thoughts and thus

bring innovative ideas, which can be applied in their research–oriented learning. Only when the teacher adopts such a teaching methodology, it gives ample scope for the taught to critically think, understand and learn. Such learning only will bring scope for research based learning. In implementing this type of learning, the teacher enhancement is important. Both combined would bring in excellent results for the progress of the nation. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love for learning.


How much ever long the journey is, paired with technology development, nothing can substitute the need of the physical and moral support duly given by the TEACHER. Long live the community in the journey of Education yet to come. 


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