Equanimous equality!


Just when the chips are down, what rises from ashes to make light of sky is a sphinx. What
fails is consigned to dustbin of history. Success has many fathers, failure is orphan. 

Modern Desk

IoT & Bureaucracy

IoT is a seamless connected network system of embedded objects/ devices, with identifiers in which communication without any human intervention is possible using standard and .......

Cyber Thieves

Higher internet connectivity in India has
given cyber criminals a bigger playing
field, with online fraudsters  targeting bank customers by hacking their accounts.  In fact, there has been......

Digital India and its impact

Digital India carries different nuances to each stakeholder in the country ranging from government to common man. On a daily basis, the country churns out a bewildering diversity of interpretations..

Incubation Centres

Markets do not create entrepreneurs – they create opportunity which the entrepreneur can sense and respond, whereas an incubation center helps them to respond in a better way. One can....


Test Preparation Industry

With the competitive and entrance examinations becoming the norm for better career prospects, test preparation industry is set to occupy the learning space in India. 


The perspective of ELearning in Education is changing from a “frills” mode to a “utility” mode today.In the sense it is becoming an essential. mode of engaging students in learning. 

Skilling Youth

Indian government launched several initiatives supporting new government policy under "Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas" slogan that aims at shaping and developing India’s human resources

ICT for better employment

Skill and knowledge are the motivating force for the financial growth and community development of any country. They have become even more critical given the increasing pace of 

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5 biggest mistakes to avoid


Starting your own business can seem like a daunting task. There are many aspects involved, and one of the major reasons why people opt-out of starting a business is the risk factor. 

5 stumbling blocks 


The path of entrepreneurs can be a bumpy one even at the best of times. It can especially be difficult to anticipate the problems that you’ll need to overcome early on in the life.....

Startups Creating Jobs


With the emergence of several startup hubs in India and an unparalleled flow in the amount of Venture Capital being poured in, startups today have truly changed the playing field in the way...

What’s limiting startups


The startups are completely different from traditional business as the sense of risk taking is less in numbers in India.Most of the startups are internet based and the chances of competition....


Teachers are Torch Bearer


Teachers are backbone of a society. A teacher serves a family, community, society and at large the nation. This has a greater requirement of well oriented and groomed teachers....

Technological Advancement


In this era of technological advancement, the idea of education cannot be confined to classroom teaching methodologies. So, to optimize the learning experience of personalized learning for.........

Technique of Pursuasion


Imagination has changed the world. If it has changed such a big world, it can very much change you too. This is an amazing technique in changing your self-image. A conscious effort of.......

Time to be Cyber Secure


Corporations are increasingly exposed to cyber thieves and are the victims of corporate espionage caused by both internal and external security breaches. Fraudsters can be extremely capable ...



Atal Tinkering Lab is an interactive workspace to inspire creativity and innovation. Any school across India can apply for government scheme to avail support of INR 20 lac to establish and run the lab in their school campus.


Online learning offers a good substitute to traditional learning in the time of emergency but it cannot replace the classroom.Traditional learning still remains the main option as discipline can be taught through it and it is a better mode of imparting


M-governance is empowered governance. It has the potential to make development a truly inclusive and comprehensive mass movement. It puts governance within everyone’s reach. It puts governance in your hands 24/7...


The vocational education scenario is gradually gaining pace with the growing need for skilled labour in various sectors, along with the new reforms, policies and Government interventions to improve the effectiveness of the system. Various studies indicate...


Business incubators are institutions that support entrepreneurs in developing their businesses, especially in initial stages. These are organizations geared towards speeding up the growth and success of start-ups and early stage....


It has indeed become an important tool for people’s empowerment and strengthening of the democratic process. It has not only revealed scope for two way communication, but also removed limitations of space and time, which conventional media...


Technology today, is personalizing education in a way, which would’ve been deemed unimaginable not so long ago. It provides critical information centered on the vision of maximizing every student’s true potential.It is engaging..........

Financial Inclusion

In terms of inequality, it is popularly reiterated that on the one hand, there is India, educated, rich and in sync with the world, and on the other hand, there is Bharat, poor, illiterate and cut off from the mainstream. The rural-urban divide largely sums up the challenge.....

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