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Employability of the growing country is an important factor for economic development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ambitious projects that aim to train over 40 crore people in India in different skills by 2022. The coming decade will be crucial for India and only if India grows at the rate of 8-9 per cent per annum, India's per capita GDP will grow from the current level of $1,800 to $8,000-$10,000 by 2025. Only then, India will graduate from being a low income country to a middle income country and achieving, maintaining and sustaining that high level of growth, the country need many things. India will have a surplus manpower of 4 to 5 crore over the next decade. Indian Government has emphasized the need to provide this youthful manpower with skills and ability to tackle global challenges, the demographic dividend would otherwise become a challenge in itself. Skill building can be viewed as a device to improve the efficacy and contribution of labour to overall production. It is an important ingredient to push the production possibility front line outward and to take the growth rate of the economy to a higher route.

The event expects 5000+ Attendees, if not more. There will be an exclusive session for the participants keen to join into the adjoining hall of fame. You will find yourself among the decision makers from across the length and breadth of the international community.


  • Representatives/Key Officials from Universities, Colleges, Skill Development and Training Institute 

  • Representatives/Key Officials from Edtech companies

  • Start ups / Training Providers

  • International Experts

  • Government Officials

  • Education/Admission Consultants

  • Entrepreneurs, Edupreneurs, Private Equity Investors, Venture Capitalists


  • Share the achievements, challenges and lessons learned

  • Discuss the current and future needs and issues and explore best practices in the education & skill development sector

  • Connect decision-makers, policy makers, industry experts, business leaders, to foster

  • exchange of ideas and information impacting the education & skill development sector

  • Showcase information technology applications

  • Provide more vistas of opportunity for partnership building, development reorganization and capacity enhancement for the rural stakeholders

  • Bring forth views and latest news from regulators, policy makers, service providers, content providers and Infrastructure providers

  • Look at the current situation and outline desirable future developments in the field of ICT enabled education

  • Provide integrated approach of ICT supported education

  • Bring together the entire community of education & skill development professionals and practitioners to celebrate success stories, discuss strategies and explore opportunities awaiting the education & skill development sector in India & globally.

  • Deliberate on the issues facing the movement, the journey till now, and devise new plans for the future

  • Attend enlightening sessions where you can interact with people who are playing influential role in various areas of Education segment.

  • Earn a great insight into the broader governance & IT priorities of the government leaders.

  • Build relationships through a broad system of interactions.

  • Get all your queries answered by experts.

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